Booklet: betterSoil

36 illustrated pages simply explain the approach of betterSoil. Based on the scientific paper by Azadeh Farajpour it illustrates how better soils actively supports climate and environmental protection, promotes the sustainability goals of the United Nations (Agenda 2030), and shows what every single person can do right now.


betterSoil for a better world

In recent decades, climate change and global warming have affected people, animals, and the environment around the world. Agriculture in particular and therefore food production is severely affected. Healthy soil and improving soil fertility have been on the agenda of numerous international organizations such as the United Nations for years. The discussion paper corresponding to the topic aims to create awareness, but also to mobilize. The message is: Act, not just talk!


Using illustrations and visualization to attract more attention

The book "Our Vision, Your Future" beautifully illustrates the importance of healthy soils and soil quality improvement for climate resilience, climate protection, and sustainable food production. It clearly outlines the problems and challenges facing the world's population in the coming years and the impact of soil improvement. Prepared in an understandable way for everyone, the booklet is a must-read in the fight against climate change.