Malawi Start-Up

Agricultural land in Malawi is suffering greatly from climate change. Agriculture is based on rainfall. The soil’s low productivity and low water retention capacity combined with water scarcity pose major problems for farmers.


Great potential benefit in Malawi

~ 0 million people live in Malawi
0 % of the population are farmers
0 % are small-scale farmers with less than 1 hectare

The Team in Malawi

Milca, Rudoviko, and Emmanuel are experts in the field of agriculture. Milca has a wealth of experience in implementing agricultural projects. For example, together with Rudoviko, Milca has worked directly with farmers on behalf of the Malawian government. Emmanuel has previously trained farmers together with the aid organization World Vision. As a team, they combine science and practice experience to put the betterSoil principles into practice

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Our approach

Many farmers in Malawi are organized in cooperatives. Based on their previous experience, our Malawi team has good connections with these communities. The goal is to reestablish the connections and, in cooperation with the chairmen of the cooperatives, to initiate pilot projects and develop business models with volunteer farmers, in the spirit of betterSoil.