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Our planet needs each and every one of us! There are many ways to get involved. An important contribution is the collection of donations. Directly support the commitment of betterSoil in the project regions and around the world. From educational projects to local support for farmers.

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Professional partner for healty soils. With our support, farmers protect the climate, promote biodiversity and increase their harvest and incomes. Support our startups in Kenya, Iran and Malawi. We push and scale better soils.
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General Donation

With a general, non-earmarked donation, you make it possible for betterSoil to help anytime, anywhere. The organization uses the funds according to the most urgent need and can provide help in this way.

Our donation account

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Thanks to your donation, betterSoil can

  • initiate new projects
  • develop and implement data-based and long-term programs
  • develop scientific and specific products
  • establish new collaborations and gain new supporters

We do all of this to fight climate change by improving soil quality.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Collaboration with Companies & Institutions

Get involved effectively even as a company or institution. With a one-time or regular corporate donation, you set an important example together with us, also for the economy. Take another step with us towards climate protection and working on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

If you don't just want to donate, but want to become active, then contact us personally and learn more about project sponsoring and how you can benefit from a greener value chain. Find out how your commitment can support the UN's global Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), fight hunger and poverty, and create a better world for us all.