This is us

betterSoil e.V. is a non-profit recognized organization with legal capacity based in Ulm, Germany. The board of directors as well as its members and initiators are located throughout Germany as well as internationally. This allows interdisciplinary, project- and goal-oriented collaboration with our teams, for example in Kenya, Germany, Iran, and Malawi.

In our work, we focus on strong partnerships with experts from politics, business, research, agriculture, and civil society to achieve our strategic goals for a better world through improved soil quality and to contribute to the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).


Team Germany

Azadeh Farajpour Chairperson E-Mail LinkedIn
Tobias Orthen.png
Dr. Tobias Orthen Vice-chair E-Mail LinkedIn
Lisa Feldmann Treasurer E-Mail LinkedIn
Jan Feldmann Digital Solutions / Member of the board E-Mail LinkedIn
Sabrina Orthen.png
Sabrina Orthen Marketing and Communication / Member of the board E-Mail LinkedIn
Maximilian Rueger.jpg
Maximilian Rüger Education for Sustainable Development / Member of the board E-Mail LinkedIn
Isolde Graf betterSoil in schools E-Mail
Pavani Aysola Strategy E-Mail LinkedIn

Team Iran

Dr. Elaheh Daghighi Scientific consultant E-Mail LinkedIn
Somayeh Beheshtirouy Program manager E-Mail
Elika Daghighi Digital marketing E-Mail LinkedIn

Team Kenya

Vincent Ayugi.png
Dr. Vincent Ayugi Program manager E-Mail LinkedIn
Dr. Kevin Mganga Scientific consultant E-Mail LinkedIn

Team Malawi

Milca Medison.png
Milca Medison Scientific consultant E-Mail LinkedIn
Rudoviko Medison.png
Rudoviko Medison Scientific consultant E-Mail LinkedIn
Emmanuel Chilanga Program manager E-Mail