betterSoil for a better world

The betterSoil movement was launched in 2020 at the European level and with the support of the EU Parliament. With prominent supporters such as Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Dr. Franz Fischler (Former EU Agriculture Commissioner), and Dr. Peter Johnston (European Policy Centre), founder Azadeh Farajpour Javazmi launches national and international projects to improve soil quality for climate resilience, climate change mitigation, and sustainable food production.


The "betterSoil" initiative comes at the right time! Our heartfelt thanks therefore go to Azadeh Farajpour and her team. It is good that the quality of soils is being discussed more intensively again, because the conventional large-scale type of agriculture with a lot of agrochemicals has made many soils weak. Soils play an outstanding role in the preservation of biodiversity, especially by paying attention to the often forgotten natural communities of soils.

Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Former member of the German Bundestag and Honorary President of the Club of Rome

Foto: Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler


With specific cultivation practices for building up soil humus, betterSoil connects the findings of science and research with the existing knowledge of farmers around the world in practice. At the same time, betterSoil strives to promote sustainable agriculture not only in practice but also in the political environment and mobilizes decision-makers at the level of the European Parliament.

On December 27, 2021, the non-profit association betterSoil e. V. was founded in Germany. On this basis and with the help of a broad network in politics, research, education, and the private sector, international projects now receive the support they need.

Knowledge transfer to the real world

In the field of sustainable agriculture, there is a gap between theory and practice, especially in terms of knowledge about soils and their quality. Findings and methods developed at universities rarely and slowly find their way into agricultural practice. betterSoil has made its business to close this gap.

Development of betterSoil Recipes

To improve soil fertility, betterSoil develops specific regional recipes for each climatic condition. Each country has diverse climatic conditions, soil types, crop needs, and different crops. Therefore, it is necessary to implement several projects at the same time and to address the individual factors. betterSoil works locally with scientific advisors and develops recipes based on the 4 betterSoil science-derived principles: a. soil management, b. compost, c. biochar and d. agroforestry. betterSoil is establishing branches in Kenya and Malawi. In Iran, betterSoil has already started its work as a shareholding company.

Education for Sustainable Development

Everyone can do something in the fight against climate change. By offering education on sustainable development, betterSoil aims to raise global awareness, motivate people act in a resource-conserving way, rethink sustainability, and to contribute to sustainable development. betterSoil addresses everyone, whether individuals, companies, individual teams, or schools, and is launching a betterSoil Inhouse Academy (info to follow).