Booster production Iran

Two of our four betterSoil principles lay ground for the production of our betterSoil Booster. Iran is the first country where we are producing the Booster. It is soon going to be available on the market. Made from (a) biochar and (b) compost the Booster contains everything necessary to start humus formation in poor soils: nutrients and microorganisms and fungi from compost and a stable base to start their operations from provided by biochar.


betterSoil-Booster production

This year, the betterSoil team in Iran has started the production of our betterSoil Booster. After collecting biological waste in the city Kerman, the next step is to chop and shred it. Rather wooden parts are turned into biochar. Although it looks simple, our method results in biochar that meets the criteria of the European Biochar Certificate. We get the betterSoil Booster by combining our high-quality biochar with compost from more nutrient rich parts of the biological waste.

But that’s not the whole story. The betterSoil Booster is rich in nutrients and full of live. Millions of microorganisms, bacteria and fungi thrive in it. We know from our own experience and science that these living creatures cannot wait to hit the ground. Released onto agricultural lands and gardens of our customers they build humus to improve their soils, help plants grow and make our food production more sustainable. Through carefully managing the production process the Booster is of high quality and free from harmful contaminants.

Setting up our production site

If you want to produce something, you need a production site. With the help of the team, we could find a piece of land 20 km far from the city of Kerman. The land was bare, only a wall surrounding it and a door to enter. We had to make it ready for betterSoil-Booster production. A List of necessary equipment and materials was made very quickly.

The team straightened the surface and spread coarse gravel to avoid sinking into the mud when it rains. A tool shed was built for the equipment. In addition, we built a wooden structure with a roof made of palm leaves, which provides shade in the hot summer hours at 30-40°C.

Waste becomes resource

In Iran, betterSoil is pursuing the concept of a circular economy. We have started collecting and recycling biological waste throughout the city of Kerman. In this way, we can transform biological waste from a problem into a solution for a sustainable future. We are talking to local people, networking and taking a practical approach to the situation. This is how our team has laid the foundation for a sustainable supply chain for the production of our soil amendment products.

There is a lot of biological waste in the world, such as food scraps and garden waste. Every year, more than 80% of it is not recycled but sent to landfills, which pollute the environment, climate and groundwater. Often, biowaste is burned in open fields, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Urbanization and population growth in Kerman are increasing the demand for our work. By 2050, even more people will live in the city and produce even more waste. This means that our environment will be even more polluted. That's why we feel even more compelled to expand our work. We turn waste into nutrients to improve the soil. A problem becomes the beginning of a solution.