Inspiring others

This time at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2024! There we focussed on the importance of soil as part of the regeneration of nature. We were invited to talk about soil, which is often overlooked but is an important resource for the sustainability of our planet. We highlighted the role of soil in mitigating and adapting to climate change, promoting biodiversity and ensuring food security with experts from many countries. We presented our betterSoil principles as innovative techniques for improving soil health and restoring soil, emphasising the need for sustainable agricultural practices. The forum emphasised the urgent need to protect and restore our soil resources to create a resilient and sustainable future for all.

Azadeh in Davos

GFFA and Grüne Woche Berlin

At the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) and Grüne Woche in Berlin, we emphasised the importance of soil for sustainable food production. We were selected to be part of the Innovation Forum. At our stand, visitors learnt about the important role soil plays in food production, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation. It was important that we were part of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) and Grüne Woche in Berlin. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to showcase the importance of soil in sustainable agriculture. We were selected to take part in the GFFA Innovation Forum because better and healthy soil plays a crucial role in agriculture, e.g. for nutrient cycling, water filtration and plant growth.


At COP28 United Arab Emirates, we joined other stakeholders in emphasising the importance of restoring and protecting this natural gift for a sustainable future. Despite all the criticism of this conference, climate change made it into the mainstream discussions. Soil was represented and discussed, and it felt like "everyone" was present, meaning that many stakeholders were able to engage with each other in person, which can lead to better action than just staying in the digital sphere. Like healthy soil, people need interaction to thrive!

IVECF Vienna

During the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum (IVECF) we presented a discourse on the significance of soils in the exquisite HOFBURG Vienna location. Our emphasis lay on the role of soils in the climate system, particularly regarding carbon storage and CO2 emissions. Moreover, we highlighted their importance in the energy sector for biomass production. It is crucial to acknowledge that unhealthy soils can hinder the generation of sufficient biomass for energy purposes. Throughout the event, we engaged in fruitful discussions with numerous attendees, advocating for Soils as a valuable ally amidst the challenges posed by climate change.

Soil Workshop Ulm

Our soil-compost workshop was organized in collaboration with the Ulmer Volkshochschule (Folk high school) and the Frauenakademie Ulm (Women's Academy) and was held in October 2023. Owing to its immense popularity, we have plans to organize the workshop twice next year. The workshop aimed to educate women about the ways they can contribute to mitigating climate change through the improvement of compost quality, soil humus, and soil health in their gardens. Ho was the workshop? We offer a comprehensive program that combines both theoretical and practical aspects. The workshop includes a one-hour theory session, followed by three hours of hands-on experience in the garden. Participants not only receive detailed explanations but also get the opportunity to interact directly with the soil, engage in composting activities, and unravel the secrets of soil health. If you are interested in hosting a similar workshop for your company and employees, please feel free to leave us a message.

CIFB London

The CIFB conference, focused on Corporate Investment, Biodiversity, and Forestry, was held in London during October 2023. Numerous financial institutions and investors were in attendance. During the panel discussion, the significance of soil for forest sustainability was emphasized. The presence of soil is indispensable for the existence of trees. Moreover, soil plays a critical role in a company's insetting practices. If a company's supply chain is closely connected to soil, it can leverage this advantageous situation to mitigate emissions and actively support soil health. This strategy simultaneously enhances the resilience of the company's supply chain.

Bpb workshop Cologne

Every year, the YOU:KO congress series brings young people together to discuss current, politically relevant topics. This year's theme was "GénérAktion: Your impact counts!" and is a Franco-German cooperation between the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ). The aim of the cooperation is to involve young people and inspire them to take action. Soils are an important element in climate protection and nutrition, but are often forgotten. A great deal of interest was generated in the previously unknown topic of "healthy soils". Individual options for action and solutions for use in the personal environment were developed. Preparation of the topic of "healthy soils" with problem analysis, options for action and connections with related subject areas. As part of a workshop, knowledge is imparted using interactive methods.

Management Consultancy Ulm

We were invited by UZIN UTZ, one of the market leaders in the flooring industry sitting in Ulm, to give a talk on sustainability and soil as core of it to their sustainability managers. The sustainability department collects indicators for its sustainability reporting via various subsidiaries. The responsible co-sustainability managers find data collection tedious and time-consuming. Efficiency and process control are negatively impacted. The co-sustainability managers of the subsidiaries have lively discussions about their own company's contributions. Motivation is increased and the team grows together. The sustainability activities of Uzin Utz are placed in the global context of sustainability, climate change and the loss of biodiversity in a presentation. The indispensable role of companies in achieving global goals is emphasized.

Climate Week New York City USA

As part of the climate week in New York City, we received an invitation to participate in a panel discussion. The Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) and its Youth Advisory Council organized the panel, which focused on Climate Finance. During the discussion, we brought up the idea of using soils as a possible solution for reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, we expanded on the potential role of soils in the Voluntary Carbon Markets and how they can be used as incentives to support climate action and protect biodiversity. The panel was recorded as podcast exploring what is the role of voluntary carbon markets in meeting climate targets and promoting nature-based solutions. To the PODCAST on Spotify.

LinkedIn Local Ulm

From the earth to success: sustainability as a business principle. Do you also believe that responsibility and business success should go hand in hand? We gave the keynote speech at LinkedIn Local Ulm on 19 September. We brought a unique perspective to the discussion. It showed how sustainability and soil improvement can strengthen not only our ecosystem, but also our business. By combining extensive scientific expertise with international experience, we shared practical tips and strategies. CEOs and managers learnt how they can make a difference locally and globally and discovered how their company can be part of the solution. We illuminated how companies can take impactful action through sustainability and land improvement. It shares practical strategies and shows how to make a difference locally and globally. A must-read for responsible business owners. Want to stay up to date on this important topic and redefine your role as an entrepreneur? Book us now.

Salesforce France

Invited by Salesforce France, we had the opportunity to present betterSoil at the "Women Entrepreneurship for the planet" event, where we highlighted the ways in which our business supports climate adaption and promotes sustainable food production.

Fairtrade International Bonn

At the Fairtrade International Global Coffee Meeting, we, as a strategy consultancy, held discussions with managers from and international producers. The focus of these discussions was the importance of soil for farmers' income, coffee production, human health, climate, and biodiversity. We also had presentations on different approaches to increase the resilience and sustainability of coffee production.

EUTECH Tegernsee Munich

Innovation encompasses more than just machines and computers; it also includes natural allies. To effectively tackle climate change and promote sustainable food production, the improvement of soil quality as well as health are vital. By adopting new and creative approaches, we are transforming our capacity to confront climate challenges and reduce their effects. To further this goal, the European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) has graciously invited us to participate and showcase our innovative solution for mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity, all while striving for more sustainable food production. The enhancement of soil health is a form of innovation that plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

Startupnight Berlin

Calling all startups, large companies, and investors in the agriculture food sector! Soil needs to find her way to you. As we continue our journey to create a sustainable future, it's crucial that we prioritize the health of our soil. When we talk about trees playing a vital role in mitigating climate change, healthy soils are much important in nourishing trees, our crops and promoting biodiversity. At STARTUPNIGHT Berlin 2023 organized by Telekom Deutschland at Microsoft Atrium we came together to present innovative ways to invest in and support soil preservation and regeneration. We also talked and presented our solutions for making a lasting impact on our environment and securing a prosperous future for generations to come.

Pyrolysis Synkraft Zurich

Biochar is one of our betterSoil 4 principles and plays an important role in improving soil health. To this end, we visited the world's largest and most technologically advanced pyrolysis plant in Switzerland. The plant is a pyrolysis process for producing biochar by burning organic compounds such as wood without oxygen. Energy, heat and biochar are the products of pyrolysis. Biochar can be sold on the market as a soil improvement product, and the energy and heat can be sold to households. Biochar has several benefits for the soil and can remove CO2 from the atmosphere and improve soil fertility and enhance soil humus content.

Fairventures Worldwide Stuttgart

Together with Fairventures Worldwide in Stuttgart, we organized a themed evening entitled "Better soils - better forests". Promoting soil health is a professional approach to protecting our forests. In this way, we dedicate ourselves to securing the future of our beloved trees by focusing on the health of our soil. By recognizing the essential connection between the earth beneath us and the majestic treetops above us, we have the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact for generations to come. The goal was to showcase our efforts in the fight for climate action by advocating for better soils. By supporting sustainable forestry practices and raising awareness, we can work together to improve the resilience of our forests. Inspiring others to understand the critical role soils play in protecting our environment was one of our goals at this event. Together, we have the power to make a difference and create a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

ChangeNOW 2023 Paris

We were delighted to receive an invitation to have a booth in ChangeNOW 2023, the largest event of solutions for the planet. Paris played host to this monumental event where we, over the course of a three-day summit, presented the revolutionary concept of soils as a solution to the pressing issues faced by our planet. Moreover through multiple talks and speeches on the stage, we succeeded in igniting a spark of inspiration within the hearts of visitors, be it CEOs or families with young ones, urging them to embrace courage and optimism while taking action. Drawing attention to the pivotal role played by soils, we emphasized their ability to connect entrepreneurs, business magnates, and policymakers in a united effort to expedite change.

Women for Change Paris

Azadeh was selected as one of the 25 exceptional women who are influencing the future. The Women for Change initiative is aimed at highlighting the achievements of women who are making a substantial positive impact, not only in their local communities but also on the world within the next decade. Additionally, the initiative strives to provide these women with tangible chances to collaborate with influential individuals who can contribute significant value to their endeavors.

betterSoil and Moët Hennessy

The changing grapes quality for Champagne can be influenced by soil, making it an important factor. We had the opportunity to connect with CEO Philippe Schaus, CSR & Sustainable Development Director Sandrine Sommer, and project manager Lou Deladerriere from Moet Henessy at the ChangeNOW event. We met also at the pioneer dinner at the Eiffel Tower. During our several intensive discussions and meetings, we delved into the world of soil and its profound impact on grape production, ultimately shaping the excellence of wine and champagne. Soil composition, nutrient levels, and even microbial diversity all play a crucial role in nurturing the vine, allowing it to thrive and produce grapes with exceptional quality and flavor. Understanding the intricate relationship between soil and viticulture is essential for any wine enthusiast, sommelier, winemaker, or simply a lover of fine wines.