Sustainable soil consulting

Soil is the capital of farmers. They know their land, their climate, their plants and trees. At betterSoil, we combine this local, indigenous knowledge with the latest scientific findings. The climate is changing. Rain is less, less frequent and irregular, often followed by extreme droughts.

We advise our customers to improve their farming methods so that the soil becomes healthier and the harvest increases. This way, they are better prepared for adverse effects of climate change, store carbon in the ground and promote biodiversity.

betterSoil booster

Improving farmland and supply chains

We talk to farmers and combine our four betterSoil principles to deliver the best results for our customers. Our betterSoil Booster combines compost and biochar for more humus formation. Packed with natural living microorganisms, bacteria and fungi, it makes soil come alive again.

Plants and trees that grow in healthy soil are more resistant to climate change. The slow establishment of agroforestry systems also increases soil fertility, enhances biodiversity, provides shade for plants, and protects the climate.

Companies importing agricultural goods like pistachios, coffee, nuts or grapes directly profit when the soils of their suppliers are healthy and rich in humus. The rist of crop failure decreases. The supply chain becomes more stable, future costs decrease. The supply chain becomes climate proof, carbon is stored and biodiversity is promoted.

Proof of concept

In Iran betterSoil treated the soil under pistachios trees with an early version of our betterSoil Booster. Already after 6 months the leafs of the trees were bigger, greener and healthier (leaf in the middle). Neighboring pistachio trees where the soil did not receive any treatment stayed sick (leaf on the left).

As the betterSoil Booster sparks humus formation, step by step, the pistachio trees are going to become healthy and develop leafs like the one on the right hand side of a healty pistachio. For even better results in the long term, we added trees and cover crops to the site.