betterSoil School Workshop

The first workshop of the betterSoil educational program took place at the Berenbostel secondary school near Hannover. Together with students from the environmental group, a school compost was created and the betterSoil principles were taught in an action-oriented way.


From theory to practice

With the motto "OBS For Future", the Oberschule Berenbostel is committed to helping young people find their way in our globalized world and meet the current challenges - climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, and environmental pollution. On the way to sustainable development, one component is the 8th-grade environmental club. In addition to numerous other topics, the young activists have also dealt with the topic of compost and soil as a habitat. What sounds nice and sensible in theory should now be tested in practice.

Using pyrolysis and biochar to make the school's compost

The students were introduced to compost production step by step using every trick in the book. They not only learned about the betterSoil principles and their importance for our soils but also produced their biochar. After a short introduction to the process of pyrolysis, they got started: first building a mobile pyrolysis unit, then splitting wood, igniting it, and obtaining the CO2 storage biochar. After quickly converting the pyrolysis unit into a marshmallow oven with shortbread biscuits for lunch, the students built the compost. Self-chopped green waste, biochar, and stone flour were mixed and transported in layers to the compost bin. Lastly, to ensure a starting population of worms and organisms, self-collected earthworms were also released into the compost.

The mini compost for home

At the end of the day, all participants agreed: education and commitment to sustainability do not have to be boring! In addition, each student took a personal mini compost in a canning jar home. The composting process can thus be observed and continued at home anytime.